Mr. & Mrs. Wilson

Feburary 17, 2018


Mr. & Mrs. Wilsons Wedding at The Shreveport Convention Center


first off we were honored to be able to capture this beautiful wedding.

love was definitely in the air. 

everything about Brandon and jade screams love. Brandon told me he was nervous

"the good kind of nervous lol"

but ready to make a commitment of a lifetime. Brandon is such a humble guy.

so humble in fact that I didn't 

even realize that he is a nlf SAFETY for the Cincinnati bengals until after the wedding.

you could

see the excitement & anticipation in brandons eyes. before the ceremony began

I was able to get some 1 on 1 time with Brandon to capture him taking it all in before showtime.


jade had the most outgoing group of bridesmaids. full of personality, fun, & excitement.

I was able to capture them basically have their own reception before

the actual reception started lol. one thing I must add "jade had the most beautiful & detailed

wedding dress I have ever seen" yup I said it. "inserts shrug emoji". jade didn't seem nervous

at all. if she was then she just puts on a good poker face. she seemed very

calm & relaxed the entire day which is how is should be.


the ceremony went really well, the photographer Laura caraway & I worked very well

together to get in & out of each others way to grab the shots we needed. I always

love working with photographers who are easy to work with. it was a full

house during the ceremony. all eyes on love.


now to the fun stuff, the reception. this receptions was so elegant. from the cake

to the ceiling, to the decor. every detail was well thought & planned out.

I guess that is what happens when you book 5 star wedding coordinator

April banks Grimes.   this ceremony showed how a family is 

supposed to have fun. Brandon & his mother, jade & her father had an entire

dance routine planned out. it was nothing short of amazing. it was 

like dancing with the stars. the food was amazing, DJ Stan had the party rocking

from beginning to end & of course we had to end the night with a good

ole soul train line. check it all out below.